Artwork Specifications

Artwork Requirements

The artwork for the vouchers is produced on Apple Mac computers. Would you please let us know if you have any specific FONT requirements. If complete artwork is being supplied please send as a print ready PDF, alternatively all the separate elements of the design i.e. all the images and fonts.

Any digital images should be of good quality. As a guide at least 300 dpi. GIF’s and JPEG’s lifted from web sites are usually very low resolution and produce poor quality printing. We accept all the usual logo formats:

Spot Colour

If you have a specific spot colour requirement please supply a vector file of the logo and confirm the PMS references required. It helps if you are able to supply a hard copy of your logo to show us your quality expectations. We use Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Additional Information

All gift cards are now bespoke, please provide the quantity in multiples of 100. The vouchers are available bound as books (like cheque books) or loose and shrink wrapped. Which would you prefer? Please let us know which denominations you require in multiples of 250. E.g. 250 x £5, 250 x £10, 250 x £25 & 250 x £50 Or 500 x £10, 250 x £25 & 250 x £50 or 500 x £25 & 500 x £50 etc.

Extra Costs

f you choose to use one of our template standard designs there is no extra charge to incorporate your company logo in colour, rather than simply your company name.

There is no extra cost for printing terms and conditions on the reverse of the vouchers if in black, please ask if colour reverse is required.

Please click here to download our Gift Voucher Template and here for our Gift Cards

Voucher dimensions can be downloaded here.